Georgetown Woodworks Limited was founded in 1984 by Peter Conway,an apprenticed Tradesman from England (along with a partner.)

The aim was to provide the Georgetown and surrounding area with a quality woodworking company capable of all facets of cabinetry and millwork from furniture repair to custom cabinetry (Kitchen, Bathroom, Wall units etc) with installation and coordination of sub trades (electrical, plumbing etc) offered as part of the services. Through the early years production facilities were expanded to enable cabinetry to be produced from raw lumber milled on in-house equipment allowing a greater quality control on finished products.

During this period the company also computerised cabinet design enabling customers to better ‘visualise’ the proposed finished product.

Georgetown and surrounding villages were, of course, much smaller in the eighties and cabinetry from Georgetown Woodworks found its way into not only homes but stores, automobile dealers, Real estate offices, factories as well as the local town offices.

As Georgetown grew, Georgetown Woodworks grew along with them, enabling them to keep up with demand.

In the mid ninety’s Peter and Cindy (his wife) acquired sole ownership of the company and along with the current services offered to local individuals and businesses started supplying designers in the greater Toronto area with a ‘one stop shop’ for their custom designs.

About this time Geoff Strong (Peter and Cindy’s son in law) joined the company. Geoff brought with him a number of years of previous experience in the industry as well as a young and fresh mind (possibly more in tune with current trends!)

Geoff was ‘schooled’ to take over the company over a number of years and Peter retired In December 2009 after an enjoyable 25 year run. Despite retirement Peter remained available for advice and consultation whenever needed.

Quote “Having worked with Geoff over the past years I have every confidence that he will not only carry on the quality of work Georgetown Woodworks is known for but be the right person to take it forward into the 21st century.” Peter Conway